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Posted by Jack Shitama ● Tue, Apr 04, 2023 @ 09:04 AM

Pecometh Story: Long Time Camper, First Time Counselor


Karissa Mann has been involved in church for as long as she can remember. When her family joined the Wyoming United Methodist Church they learned about Camp Pecometh and how the church would sponsor kids to go here, it was only natural for Karissa to attend the camp as well.

She was eleven years old when she first came to Pecometh. It was her first time away from her parents for a significant amount of time, and she was excited, but nervous. Being homeschooled in a small community meant that there weren’t a lot of children her own age, so camp brought the opportunity to make new friends her age who shared a love for God.

Karissa has attended Camp Pecometh every year since that first summer.

Pecometh has helped Karissa to have grace with those around her. She says the counselors and Spiritual Life Coordinators (SLCs) have modeled how to overcome difficult situations, which has helped her in everyday life. As she finishes her high school education, her journey with Pecometh continues as she gets ready to join the summer staff this year. Karissa maintains the fact that the Pecometh community is a safe place to grow in your faith and is a community of people who truly want the best for you.

With the help of camp and her church, Karissa was able to hear her call to ministry. Pecometh provided the extra structure she needed for her to make that decision. She said talking to the SLCs helped her to hear good guidance through the lens of those already in ministry. She’s always been passionate in her love for God, and is beyond excited to take the next step towards ministry.

When asked what she would tell someone who’s considering ministry, she said “They should stick with it. They are as essential as a doctor or a mechanic. Serving is the highest honor, it’s hard work, and it has its twists and turns, but no other profession would provide such satisfaction and pride.” For Karissa, there is no greater reason than to give back to her community.

Karissa is so thankful for everything life has thrown at her. With the help of her stable support system: her family and friends, her church community, and Camp Pecometh. She knows that there’s nothing she can’t accomplish, and she’s looking forward to a bright future.

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