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Archer Games

Kick it up a notch with a more intensive level of instruction, participate in exciting archery challenges and learn to make your own arrows. Completed 6th-8th grade. Read more>

Chester River Trek

Pecometh’s aquatic treasure, the Chester River, is an incredible place for camp fun! Campers will crab, explore, paddle and sail to a better understanding of this awesome Eastern Shore waterway. Completed 4th-8th grade. Read more>

Day Camp

Campers experience some of the camp favorites…from arts & crafts to Bible discovery time to swimming. Camp hours are from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, plus an exciting free add-on: campers may participate in an optional overnight stay on Thursday nights. Completed K-4th grade. Read more>

Day Camp: Explorers

Our classic day camp with a twist for older campers: once-weekly field trips for special activities. Camp hours are from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Campers may also participate in an optional overnight stay on Thursday nights. Completed 4th-6th grade. Read more>

NEW! Day Camp: Horseback

The experience of our much-loved Horseback program in a day camp format! Camp hours are from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Campers may also participate in an optional overnight stay on Thursday nights. Completed 4th-6th grade. Read more>

Directors’ Leadership (Pastor Recommendation Required)

Participants will learn to use their leadership skills for God’s glory.  First time participants must be nominated by their churches or other local organizations. Completed 9th-11th grade. Read more>

Friends & Family Camp

Have you ever wished that you could come to camp and have the same fun as the children? Or maybe you can't wait to share camp with your whole family together? Read more>


Horseback gives campers the opportunity to learn basic riding skills like walking, trotting, and cantering or improve upon existing skills. Completed 4th-8th grade. Read more> 

It's All Fun & Games

This active program is all about team-building, cooperative winning, and - it’s in the name - FUN! Campers can share their favorite field games, pick up some ultimate Frisbee and rugby ball tossing skills, and play some pickup soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Completed 4th-5th grade. Read more>

Late Night with Jesus

This program gives our oldest campers the chance to stay up late and sleep past noon as they take part in nighttime adventures and experience God’s creation in a whole new way. Completed 9th-11th grade. Read more>

Leaps of Faith

This program is about more than just the climbing tower. It takes our challenge course and makes it into an adrenaline-pumping, spiritual experience! Completed 6th-10th grade. Read more>

Mini Camp

In this two- or three-night camping adventure, campers have an action-packed summer experience perfect for the first-time camper. Completed K-5th grade. Read more


A whole week devoted to improving your photography skills. Going beyond the "selfie," campers will learn tried and true photography skills. Completed 7th-10th grade. Read more>

River Runners

Whether you’re just starting out or an avid water sports enthusiast, our River Runners program will teach you the basics or help to hone your skills. Completed 6th-10th grade. Read more>


From archery to arts & crafts, challenge course to canoeing, music and more, this is summer camp at its best. Going strong for over 73 years, generations of campers have loved this program! Completed 3rd-8th grade. Read more 


Nothing beats the delight of a breezy day on a sailboat on the Chester River! Our sailing program is perfect for the first time or intermediate sailor. Completed 6th-10th grade. Read more>

Senior High

This camp combines the most popular activities from all our other programs--including tubing, Splashdown and the Giant Swing-- with program exclusives! Completed 9th-11th grade. Read more>           


This program is all about fun summertime swimming. Between Splashdown, tubing, and the pool, you'll be bouncing, flying, and splashing all week. Completed 4th-8th grade. Read more>

(Weeks 4 & 5; Registration, Application & Reference Required) 

Looking to hone your leadership skills or feeling ready to become part of the Pecometh summer staff? This two-week program will prepare participants to step into leadership roles on or off camp while still enjoying the benefits of being a camper. Limited space; application and acceptance required. Completed 10th-11th grade. Read more>

Summer Respite for Adults with Disabilities

Offering the Camp Pecometh experience to campers over 16 with intellectual disabilities, our Summer Respite is all about traditional summer recreation.  Read more

That’s NOT Camp!

This program creates the perfect balance between the fun of video games and the fun of camp. Completed 6th-8th grade. Read more>

Top Chef Jr.

It's never too early to develop talent in the kitchen. Our popular Top Chef program has been adapted to help elementary campers learn the basics and explore culinary delights. Completed 4th-5th grade. Read more>

Top Chef Pecometh

Jump-start your culinary career in a professional kitchen under the tutelage of Pecometh’s own retreat center chefs. Completed 6th-10th grade. Read more>

NEW! Trail Makers

This all-new program is perfect for younger campers itching for adventure! Campers will learn about outdoor survival, hone archery skills, take on- and off-site nature hikes, and more! Completed 4th-5th grade. Read more>