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Augie Lankford
Executive Director
x101 (cell: 302-668-9856)

Augie has a 30+ year love of the Pecometh Ministry as a camper, camp counselor and more.

Camp Pecometh-15
Richelle Darrell
Director of Retreat Ministries
x100 (cell: 410-708-1288)

Richelle has served at Pecometh for 21 years and truly enjoys the people of Pecometh. Contact her if you have questions about reserving facilities or Retreats. 

Camp Pecometh-07
Phil Weston
Director of Facilities
x107 (cell: 410-490-3231)

Phil was part of Summer Camp Staff from 2007-2012 and joined our year-round staff in 2015. Contact him if you would like to make an in-kind donation.

Camp Pecometh-13
Jack Shitama
Director of Finance and Development; Director of Center for Vital Leadership
(cell:  443-553-2190)
Jack served as Pecometh’s Executive Director from 2000- 2022. His passion is to see Pecometh develop leaders for today and tomorrow. Contact him if you have questions about Donations or Volunteering.
Camp Pecometh-14
Julie Lutz

Julie has been a camper and staffer parent, and is now a camper grandma, so she has years' worth of wisdom to share with parents in all stages of the registration process! Contact her if you have questions about Registering & Paying for Camp

Camp Pecometh-10
Jennifer Christy
Guest Services Coordinator

Jen is a wife, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She loves music and people. Contact her if you have questions after confirming a reservation at Pecometh.

Rev. Megan Shitama Weston
Pecometh Programs Coordinator

Megan creates and coordinates Pecometh programs for people of all ages. Contact her if you have questions about attending Pecometh programs.

Jesse Johnson
Camp Programs Assistant


Benton Greenwood
Social Marketing Specialist
Benton joined the team in 2021. He creates most of the content for our social media, handles a lot of email communications, and helps around the office wherever and whenever he can. When he is attending Purdue University during the academic year, he works for us remotely!
Camp Pecometh-04
Cheryl Bostwick

Cheryl enjoys singing, music, loves caring for animals and working in the outdoors. She discovered Pecometh several years ago when she worked as a volunteer with her church on a volunteer weekend and hopes to work here for years to come!

Dianne Garrett
Food Service Manager

If you've experienced our Retreat Center Dining Room in the last several years, you've probably enjoyed a tasty meal prepared by Dianne. She is an innovative chef with a long family history at Pecometh.

Camp Pecometh-09
Phyllis Williams
Food Service Manager

Phyllis has been part of the Pecometh food service team for years. She enjoyed the summer staff and campers at our camp dining hall, but now enjoys trying out new recipes for the adult guests at the Riverview Retreat Center. In her spare time, Phyllis spends time with her family and new grandbabies.