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Why Volunteer at Pecometh?

Pecometh does everything possible to provide quality programs that are affordable. Our volunteers help to ensure that can happen year after year. Your gift of time helps us support ongoing operations, provide camperships, upgrade facilities, and prepare for the future.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to become a part of the Pecometh team through volunteering:

Volunteer Day (Next Volunteer Day date forthcoming) 
Individuals and groups can sign up to for our annual Volunteer Day in April to help us get camp ready for the busy warm weather months.

Office Volunteers
Individuals & groups can assist with clerical duties in the Administrative Office, i.e. folding & stuffing envelopes for mailing, thank you notes, making copies, etc. (Contact Richelle Darrell).

Spiritual Life Coordinators (SLCs)
These pastors and lay people lead bible studies and worship for a week of summer camp. (Contact Nathan Vaughn).

Camp Nurses
Registered Nurses can volunteer to staff our health center for a week of summer camp.(Contact Nathan Vaughn).

Work Teams
Church groups, community organizations and other groups can help with building and repair projects throughout the year. (Contact Phil Weston).

Staff Alumni
The Camp Pecometh Staff Alumni Association (CPSAA) was formed in 2007 to keep summer staffers connected to Pecometh and one another. Reunion picnics, work projects and volunteer efforts are all ways that alumni come back to camp to re-live those great Pecometh days and to make a difference for current campers and staffers.

Camp Pecometh’s Staff Facebook Group is how we stay connected throughout the year. Want to know more, interested in serving on the board or connecting in some other way?