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Pecometh Volunteer Day

Date: April 13, 2024, 8:00am - 4:30pm

Cost: Free, but registration is required (Free registration includes lunch)

It's a lot of work getting Pecometh ready for summer! Volunteer Day is a chance for adults, youth, and kids to come help - all while spending a day of fellowship and enjoying the spring weather.  In the middle of the day, we'll all take a break from the hard work and enjoy a lunch provided by Pecometh. This is a free event! 

Mini-Mission Trip

You can also turn our volunteer day into a miniature mission trip for your church's youth group! Arrive on Friday night, enjoy dinner and a campfire, talk about why service and mission matters, and join together to help us open camp for the summer! This Mini-Mission Trip costs $49 per person, which includes three meals and a stay in our retreat housing on the evening of April 12.


Registration for Saturday, April 13 only:

Please fill out the form below to register for our volunteer day. After you register, Director of Facilities Phil Weston will contact you to set up your start time and work assignments. 

Please print and fill out the Group Contact Sheet & a Volunteer Waiver Form for each person (adult & child) in your group. Bring these with you when you come to Volunteer Day.  We will hold the information in case of emergency - and so we can send out a thank you to each participant!

Cick Here to Register


Registration for Mini Mission Trip, April 12 and April 13:

➡️ Step 1) Fill out the form below to indicate your interest in bringing youth to the Mini Mission Trip.  Filling out the form indicates your interest, and does not bind you to participation. 


Step 2) When you are ready to register, fill out the group information form. You will need the following information for each participant: 

  • Name
  • Age 
  • Guardian Name (for youth)
  • Guardian or Adult Participant's Email Address


Step 3) Online Registration

We will send individual online registration instructions you group leaders AND reach out to chaperones and parent/guardians via email. All adult and youth participants must register online and fill out the health form/waiver. 


For Parents/Chaperones: View the Registration Information Page for directions on registration. 

Supervision of Youth and Children

Please remember that youth must be supervised by adult leaders at all times. We encourage youth groups to participate, so please be sure to bring enough adult leaders to ensure proper supervision. For more information, please refer to the Safe Sanctuary Covenant below.