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2021 Summer Staff applications are still open
**Staff Pay Scale Updated May 19: Offering increased starting pay for all positions and recruitment bonuses for recruiter AND recruit!**


Check out the Summer Staff FAQ to learn about health & safety adaptations that may be in place this summer to reduce COVID-19 risk
Read the 2021 Camp Pecometh Covid-19 FAQ for information about the camper experience

Staff Basics  -  Quick Facts  -  Apply Now  -  Optional Pre-Application

We get it: creating an account and filling out an application feels like a big step! Maybe you have a question or you'd like the opportunity to get to know us before applying in an informal, no-pressure conversation. We can do that! Just let us know you're interested by filling out our 3-question pre-application. We'll reach out to answer your questions or to schedule a time to connect.

WANTED: Young adults looking for a challenging and skills-building opportunity to work with kids in an outdoor Christian camp setting. Camp is perfect for hardworking college-aged individuals looking for a better-than-average summer job or internship to boost their resume with real-life skills.

You probably imagine that a summer camp job is like getting paid to play outside all summer, and that's definitely one part of the job. Working at camp not only offers a unique and rewarding summer experience; it also provides real-life, hands-on opportunities to develop the skills employers are looking for NOW: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, emotional intelligence, negotiation, judgment and decision making, cognitive flexibility... all that, and the knowledge that you are changing the lives of the campers you are serving. What more could you ask for in a summer job or internship?

Working at camp is life-changing. Check out this video shared by Project Real Job at the American Camp Association (ACA) to hear directly from people whose lives were impacted by working at camp.


Staff Basics 

Read the Summer Staff FAQ for more details and important info for your application!

  • Pecometh offers both overnight and day camp programs for campers aged 5-17. Some summer staff positions are assigned full-time responsibility for a cabin of campers (counselors) and some positions facilitate camper programming (adventure, lifeguards, music, arts & crafts). Others perform support tasks like office or facilities work (sales, office, photographer, maintenance). Leadership staff (coordinators, managers) provide staff support and mentoring, program planning/facilitation, and other administrative tasks.
  • Pecometh is an inclusive and affirming community - we do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual identity, national origin or church affiliation. While we don't require staff to identify as Christian, we expect enthusiastic and open-minded participation in all aspects of our Christian community.
  • Most positions require staff to have graduated high school by June or be at least 18 years old. Some positions, like Lifeguard, Maintenance, and Assistant Day Camp Counselor, are open to applicants aged 16+.
  • All staff contracts include paid, mandatory staff training. Training requirements vary by position.
  • Most contracts are mid-June through early August, Sunday through Friday including overnights, with time off most weekends from Friday pm to Sunday am. Contract dates vary by position.
    • For 2021, we are offering the option of flexible contracts: staff must be available for training June 13-18 plus a minimum of an additional 4 weeks (Sun-Fri) between June 20 and August 10. 


Quick Facts



Most contracts will be June 13 through August 10, 2021. Some positions require certifications or trainings that occur earlier in June. Some positions are available for staff unable to work a full 8 weeks - contact us for more information!

Training Schedule

Pay Details

Pay starts at $300/week. Benefits include room & board, trainings and certifications, and paid time off. Bonuses and pay bumps are available for extra qualifications, specialized positions, and experienced staff.

Staff Payscale


Work Hours

Report Sunday at 10:25 am and "clock out" after closing meeting on Friday (typically by 5 pm). Some weekends are required, and that varies by position. Daily hours are typically 7:30 am to 10 pm. For 2021, Day Camp staff hours may be day-only, Mon-Fri. Contact us for more details.

Sample Schedule



Each week, you will be assigned to a different cabin with at least one other staff member and 6-8 campers. Most cabins are rustic: there are lights & fans, but no AC! Cabins are in groups called "hills." Cabins are single gender, and hills may be all gender. 

Camp Map



What do we do at camp? Here's a quick sneak-peek at some of our activities!

Camp Pecometh 2019 Video



Summer Staff FAQ

Want ALL the details, from free time to time off, uniforms and dress code to nitty-gritty policy? Here's our staff FAQ.

Detailed FAQ