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Overnight Camp Packing List

Day Camp Packing List

Dietary Accommodation & Behavioral Support Form (for parents requesting additional support for their camper while at camp)

Medication Addendum (for campers who will take prescription and/or daily over-the-counter medication while at camp)

Health History Form (to be completed in the online registration system: required form for all campers detailing health history, immunization records, health insurance information, and participation and care waivers)

Camp Pecometh Trading Post - We are now offering an online camp store! Orders are placed online and shipped directly to you. Check back regularly for new items throughout the summer as well as seasonal offers later in the year! Want to share a wish for something you'd like to see in the store? Let us know via our help chat!


Parents and guardians will be given information to access Bunk1.com, where they can set up an account to view camp photos and send emails to their campers. 

Photos can be a great sneak peek of what is generally happening at camp. We encourage you to remember that a single snapshot should not be used as an assessment tool as to how your camper is doing at camp. 

Photos will generally be uploaded once a day. Occasionally photos will be uploaded late because of technical difficulties or staff attending other responsibilities. 

Emails can be sent to campers through Bunk1. They are printed at 10am each day and distributed at lunch.