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Overnight Camp Packing List

Day Camp Packing List

Dietary Accommodation & Behavioral Support Form (for parents requesting additional support for their camper while at camp)

Medication Addendum (for campers who will take prescription and/or daily over-the-counter medication while at camp)

Post-Camp Parent Survey - Please tell us a little bit about your camper's experience after they get home and share all about it!


With our new registration system, we'll have updated information on our One-Way Email Service soon!


Photos can be a great sneak peek of what is generally happening at camp. We encourage you to remember that a single snapshot should not be used as an assessment tool as to how your camper is doing at camp. 

2019's photo galleries were shared via SmugMug. Links for each day's albums are posted on the pages below for each week. A password is required for the protection of our campers. You may find the password on the memo you received at check-in. 

Feel free to share the link and password with family members who may also want to see how much fun your camper is having!

If you've lost track of the password, don't worry!

You may also call us to obtain the required passwords at 410-556-6900.

2019 Photo Links:

Week 1 (June 16-21)   Week 5 (July 14-19)
Week 2 (June 23-28)   Week 6 (July 21-26)
Week 3 (June 30- July 5)   Week 7 (July 28th- August 2nd)
Week 4 (July 7-12) Week 8 (August 4th-9th)
Please note: SmugMug photo links require a password for the protection of our campers. If you are a camper or camper parent/guardian and would like the password, please contact us at 410-556-6900 or via our contact form. We're happy to help!