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Think about your church congregation. Do you know the youth member who is full of creative ideas and loves to serve? We'd love to meet them! Pecometh's Executive Director, Jack Shitama, designed and leads this program to turn leadership potential into practical skills. Whether it's a boost in confidence or public speaking skills, discernment about where they can best serve, or an introduction to a mentor in their community, this program will help campers learn to use their leadership skills for God’s glory.

First time participants must be nominated by their churches or other local organizations. For more information or a nomination form, please email julie@pecometh.org or call at (410) 556-6900 x128.

First time nominee fees are paid in full by the nominating agency.

All-inclusive program fee: $539

Dates for campers completing 9th-11th grades in June 2020:

June 21-26, 2020