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Posted by Augie Lankford ● Mon, Dec 11, 2023 @ 12:12 PM

Sacred Playgrounds Parent Survey

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In the summer of 2023, Pecometh Camp and Retreat Ministries engaged a camp consulting firm, Sacred Playgrounds, to survey parents and caregivers about the experience their campers had while attending camp. We are excited to share what we’re learning, and to use this feedback to make summer camp the best experience possible for campers and families.

The survey revealed that Camp Pecometh is particularly strong at nurturing relationships, both between campers and between campers and our staff. 96% of parents agreed their child enjoyed the cabin counselor. 80% said that their child met an adult role model and 93% of campers made new friends while at camp. One parent wrote “the merit and character of the young people that interacted with both of our kids was top-tier!”

Pecometh parents and guardians appreciate that attending camp is an opportunity for their children to be technology free, with 98% agreeing that camp is a place to unplug and 92% believing camps should not have cell phones at camp. “I sincerely hope that you NEVER allow electronics or phones.  That is one HUGE benefit to camp,” wrote one parent. 21% of caregivers also noticed that their children are spending less time on electronics since returning from camp. 

Camp also helps campers grow in important social and emotional areas. 88% of campers tried something new. 82% of parents said it's good when campers encounter a challenge because it helps them grow.  Many aspects of Pecometh’s programming are designed to present mild challenges (e.g. living with new friends for a week, trying new things, working as a group with peers to overcome a difference) in a safe and loving environment, while teaching skills to overcome the challenge. As a result, 83% of parents said their camper grew in self-confidence while at Pecometh.

 “[My children were] pushed past their comfort zones to try new things, which definitely increased their confidence and their compassion.”

Camp also forms the families to which campers return. Parents indicated Pecometh had a positive impact on their families. 81% of the parents surveyed noted positive changes in their children.  49% of parents said their children are nicer or more pleasant since returning from camp. 29% noticed their child being more helpful at home. Campers are also impacting the faith practices in their families. 33% of the campers came home and are engaging parents and caregivers in conversations about faith, while 25% have shown a greater interest in attending church. 

Perhaps most importantly, are the campers coming again next summer? 96% of parents and guardians say yes, they’re sending their campers to Pecometh again!

We are so excited about these results. Camp Pecometh is making a difference in the lives of our campers! Our staff have stepped up to provide a fun, safe experience for our campers. They have stepped up to prevent bullying and make it clear that camp is a place for everyone. They have stepped up to help our campers create God-inspired, life-changing experiences.

We are also thrilled that this survey has shown us areas in which to grow. We are actively considering ways to improve our facilities and communication with parents and guardians to make Camp Pecometh even better in the future!

We hope that you will follow along with us on this journey.

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We hope so, and we cannot wait to show everyone how Camp Pecometh will continue improving in 2024.

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