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Posted by Augie Lankford ● Mon, Apr 08, 2024 @ 07:04 AM

Pecometh Story: A Good Place To Be At

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Michaela Arabia’s earliest memories of Pecometh are as a Day Camp Camper, making lots of friends, meeting new people, and connecting with nature in a way she had never experienced. Now 15 years old, connecting with nature and with others are still some of her favorite parts of being at Camp Pecometh.

“Last year at Leaps of Faith (high adventure program) we slept outside in the hammock village and we could see the stars and hear the crickets. Our family group really did feel like a family. We all got along and felt connected to each other.”

One of the biggest changes in Michaela’s life came about from being at Camp Pecometh. “I connected with my faith at Camp Pecometh and learned about the Lord. Camp Pecometh is a beautiful place in nature and you are always welcomed and wanted there.”

Michaela’s mother Jessica sees the change in her daughter’s life too. “I believe that Pecometh has a significant role in Michaela’s growth and build of character. She is a kind hearted, empathetic and genuine person and Pecometh helped foster that growth.” 

“She is passionate about helping others and thrives in environments that make her feel valued and belonged to,” Jessica continues. “She sees pecometh as family and plans to help others know and feel that peace as a counselor in the near future.  Michaela found and strengthened her faith at Pecometh.  She learned how to properly read and find verses in the Bible.  Her heart and soul were moved at the Galilean service.  Those moments and experiences are unique to Pecometh, not to mention they have tons of summer fun!”

This summer Michaela is registered to do the  Late Night with Jesus program where senior high campers sleep in daily and stay up late doing camp activities like swimming, bible study and challenge course at night. Michaela is excited to be around camp in the dark where she thinks it will feel different than during the daytime. 

She knows that her days as a camper are coming to an end, but she plans to be at Camp Pecometh for many more years.  “I want to be a counselor someday. I love working with children and I want to make an impact on their lives.” She went on to talk about what awesome people and role models her own camp counselors have been. “The counselors want to get to know the campers and make them feel comfortable to be themselves. They are kind hearted people. Camp Pecometh is a good place to be at.”

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