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Posted by Augie Lankford ● Tue, Dec 19, 2023 @ 08:12 AM

Positive Impacts on Campers in 2023

2024 AA (2000 x 1333 px)2023 has been a great year at Pecometh! Not only will we serve the most retreat guests in our history this year, but the results of our Summer Camp Parent Survey show that we’re making a difference for kids and their families. Here’s what the parents said:

"Both of my kids said this was the best year yet for them. I know they got closer to God so we are very thankful!"

"The two things we've noticed the most about my son's first camp experience are an increase in confidence (after passing the swim test, on a 2nd attempt) and recognition of bible messages he heard during bible studies."

⭐ "Thank you- I appreciate all the staff, and the time and preparation that goes into keeping Camp Pecometh running so well. She does not live with me so camp is very important to keep Christian values and Jesus in her life."

"It has been a great summer of growth at Pecometh for both of my children. They made new friends with people they might not have otherwise met and they pushed past their comfort zones to try new things, which definitely increased their confidence and their compassion. I absolutely saw the fruits of the spirit being taught and learned this summer!! I am very grateful to God and Pecometh for the love and care that has been poured into my children!!"

Growing closer to God. Increased confidence. Christian values. Moving outside comfort zones. Learning the Bible. More compassion. The fruits of the Spirit. This is why we exist!

I’m so grateful for your support and prayers for our community, which make all of this possible. Please consider a financial gift to Pecometh this year. As you can see, it DOES make a difference.

Thanks in advance for your prayerful consideration!

Grace and Peace,

Augie Lankford
Executive Director

Topics: Camp, Supporting Pecometh, Faith Formation