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Posted by Megan Sweeney ● Wed, Mar 24, 2021 @ 07:03 AM

2021 Availability Update (March)

availability update

Wow - can you believe it's almost Easter already? If you're like some of the parents I know, spring break might be the annual reminder to register your camper for camp.

With this year's reduced camper capacity as one of our health and safety strategies in light of Covid-19, programs are filling up faster than usual. We even have some programs that are full for boys or girls already.

Here's a look at current availability (updated 6 pm on March 24):

  • Programs with just a couple spots left include Top Chef (both the 6-8th and 7-10th grade sessions), Chester River Trek (4-6th),  Splashdown (both 4-5th and 6-8th), and several weeks of Day Camp (K-6th). Spots for girls are low across the board in week 2 (June 27 - July 2).
  • Riverside weeks 5 and 7 are full for elementary girls, and while there's space for boys in weeks 1 and 7, week 5 is almost full.
  • For middle schoolers interested in Splashdown, week 1 is full for boys and week 7 is full for girls. There are only 2 middle school Riverside spots left all summer - one boy in week 4 and one girl in week 2. 
  • Mini Camp A (K-2nd) was down to 2 spots earlier this month. We rearranged the schedule to allow for extra cabins, opening 16 more spots - we wanted to welcome as many younger campers as possible for their first camp experience this summer! Other sessions are filling quickly as well: both Mini Camp D (K-2nd) and Mini Camp E (3rd-5th) have just a handful of spots left.
  • Yes - we do still have spots for your high schooler! We increased our number of 7th-10th grade programs this summer and these are designated X(7-10) on our Dates & Rates Matrix, including Sailing II, Top Chef, Leaps of Faith, and Archer Games. There are also some spots still left in Late Night with Jesus (10-11th), and our new LEAD leadership program (10-11th) is perfect for young adults hoping to join summer staff a year early next summer.

As a reminder, when you register online, you can see right away if a program has availability. Ready to register? Log in now to get the weeks and programs both you and your camper want. 


If you'd like a bit more information first, check out our FAQ or use our help chat website feature (the little "Help" icon in the bottom right of your screen). 

On a final note, do you know a high school senior or college student feeling blue about missing camp this year? We're hiring summer staff!

You know exactly the type of person you'd want your camper spending their time with at camp, so you also understand who we're looking for - kind, trustworthy, enthusiastic, and up for a challenge! Check out our Summer Staff page and share with your friends and community to help us build a great 2021 summer staff. 

Contacting Us

While we are not physically in the office all the time, we are monitoring our Help Chat on our website M-F, 9 AM - 4 PM. You can also reach out to us via the options in the Staff Directory. Julie Lutz can help with registration and payments, and Megan Sweeney can help with questions about programs, staff, and volunteering.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you!

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