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Starting Summer 2023

Participants will learn to use their leadership skills for God's glory. First time participants must be nominated by their churches or other local organizations. First time nominee fees are paid in full by the nominating agency. For more information or a nomination form, please email julie@pecometh.org or call at (410) 556-6900x128

All participants are encouraged to be sponsored by a church or other community organization. Fees are paid in full by the sponsoring organization or in partnership with Pecometh.

All-inclusive fee: $599

July 16-21, 2023

Applications will open in fall 2022!

The application process:

  1. Submit the LEAD application. In addition to answering application questions, you will need to know the organization that has agreed to fully or partially sponsor your participation, which track you would like to choose, the email address of professional reference (more info in step 2), and your parent/guardian's email and phone number.
  2. Send this link to the Referral Form to one professional reference. This should be a person within the organization you are asking to sponsor you and someone who can speak on your character. This person will serve as your liaison with your sponsoring organization.
  3. When we have BOTH your application and your reference's referral, you and your parent/guardian will be emailed a confirmation. At the end of the open period, all applicants will be contacted with an update on their application.

Questions? Please contact us or reach out through our help chat feature. We love to hear directly from prospective LEAD participants themselves whenever possible - it's a great way to demonstrate your initiative and drive!