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Posted by Jack Shitama ● Mon, Jun 05, 2023 @ 08:06 AM

Pecometh Story: A Sliver of Hope

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Samantha Saul was looking for a special vacation to share with her three young children. In the past year her husband had left; she and her kids had moved, changed schools, and started a new life as a “new type of family.” 

Pecometh’s Single Parent Family Retreat offered them “a sliver of hope.” 

They were hoping to have some fun together, away from the stress of normal life. As in many single parent families, money was tight. Even with scholarships, she had to make small payments as she could to chip away at her balance. Meanwhile, the whole family counted down the weeks to their family trip. 

“It really turned out to be more than we were expecting! Samantha says,  “It was the perfect mix of bonding, a fun experience for the kids, and an alone time for mom to chat with new friends or have quiet prayer time. We had fun together doing things we normally wouldn’t, on the amazing property.”

After the retreat, they received another unexpected blessing– their remaining balance was forgiven thanks to additional scholarship funds. 

The Sauls have been back to Pecometh for the Single Parent Family Retreat every year since 2018.Samantha says Pecometh is the place  where they found space for healing that first year. In the years since the kids have grown, and the whole family has grown stronger and more confident. 

Last year, Samantha remarried, and their single parent family of 4 became a blended family of 8! Samantha and her kids decided to finally share it with their new family and with many of their loved ones at Friends & Family Camp. 

Even after becoming a blended family, they still attend Single Parent Family Camp, but just the four of them. It’s their special time together, a safe haven they can count on in times of transition. 

Your gifts make it possible for us to share God’s love and care to single parents and their children each summer. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Pecometh offers scholarships for 50% of the retreat fees for any family who needs it - no questions asked. And, we’ll always offer extra assistance to families just like with Samantha’s first. 


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