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Posted by Augie Lankford ● Wed, Aug 16, 2023 @ 08:08 AM

Pecometh Story: Ready to Work!

Tom Carter Social-1

Rev. Tom Carter is here and he is ready to work. Growing up on a dairy farm in Newark, Delaware, young Tom knew all about long days and the perpetual work that needed to be done. It was a work trip to Camp Pecometh that solidified his calling to ministry, more work, and multiple careers serving God and others. It was while dismantling the silo on the old red barn with then camp director, George Godfrey, that Tom planned to be an agricultural missionary. This took him to the University of Delaware where he studied agriculture. While there his plans were trumped by God’s calling. Tom joined the Army as a chaplain where he served around the world.

Upon leaving the army Tom took an associate pastor role at St. John’s UMC in Seaford. Shortly after starting there he had the opportunity to interview for, then hired for, Director of Camp and Retreat ministries, a job he held from 1993-99. Tom quickly got the budget in line, reengaged with churches to send campers, increased enrollment, and did a whole lot of other work. Days spent in the office were followed by evenings of clearing brush, building trails and beautifying the properties of Camp Pecometh and Drayton Retreat Center. 

Since stepping down in 1999 as the Camp Director, Tom continued to serve. Tom moved to Nashville to work with the UMC Endorsing agency to endorse Methodist chaplains in different branches of the military, prisons and other settings. This was another job where he worked hard to support others. This move to Nashville did not change his love for Pecometh. At least once a year, and in many cases, twice a year, Tom comes back to Pecometh to volunteer his time and talents. At 82 years young, he can often be found fixing a roof, repairing stairs, pulling weeds, trimming hedges or on a tractor. In recent years his bi-annual pilgrimages to Pecometh to work have become caravans with wife Judy, daughters Cyndi, and Nancy and good friends Rev. Dave Smith, Jake Green, and Diane Timmons joining his work crew. The maintenance staff always has a long list for them and are amazed at what he accomplishes. 

We thank God for the blessing that is Rev. Tom Carter, and the blessing the role Pecometh played in helping Tom hear his call. Tom plans for many more years of volunteering at Pecometh and is always looking for others to join his work crews. 


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