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Posted by Jack Shitama ● Mon, Apr 04, 2022 @ 08:04 AM

Pecometh Story: Its In His Blood

Adam Burkhardt Letter

“Excited!” That’s how 7-year-old Adam Burkhardt feels when he thinks about Camp Pecometh.  Adam has never known a time in his life when he hasn’t been aware of Pecometh.  His dad, JR, was a camper,a staff member,and a lifelong supporter. 

“Daddy likes it,” Adam shared.  “He worked there, because he had fun there.” Now it’s Adam’s turn.  Adam can’t wait to be a camper.

Adam, like many of us, LOVES Pecometh. He has participated in Friends and Family camp several times with his parents and little sister. When camp postcards come, he reads them front and back several times and always has keen eyes on the pictures. He loves camp songs, often doing three-part harmony of “Fill my Cup” with his dad and sister on the way to school. 

This past summer, JR decided to give Adam a taste of summer camp by spending a night in a cabin.  The two were joined by Adam’s grandfather and three generations of Burkhardts spent the night in a Grove cabin. They hiked trails, roasted marshmallows, and sang camp songs.  Adam especially enjoyed staying in the cabins because of the bunk beds. “I don’t have bunk beds at my house.”

Adam now thinks he’s ready to do Mini-Camp by himself this coming summer.  He’s excited to go down the pool slide, canoe, meet new friends, and stay in a cabin with bunk beds. He wants to go because it is fun and he wants to learn more about God and Jesus in the Outdoor Chapel. He wants to go because it is in his blood, and he wants to experience it for himself. Another generation of Burkhardts off to camp!


Topics: Camp, Faith Formation