Certificate in Congregational Leadership

A Leadership Development Program designed for those serving as Part-Time Local Pastors and Certified Lay Ministers.*

Program Structure

The Certificate in Congregational Leadership (CCL) Program offers online learning to provide a comprehensive approach to developing leadership excellence in the local church. It is designed accommodate the busy schedule of the bi-vocational pastor and certified lay minister.

The program is comprised of seven online courses, four required and three elective. Participants must complete the four required courses and at least one elective course for certificate completion. Each course enables participants to access material independently, making it possible to coordinate with one's busy schedule. Online courses are offered through BeADisciple.com.

CCL Course Offerings

Core (required for certificate) offerings are listed in bold. At least one elective must be chosen from the other online offerings for Certificate completion.

Online Offerings

Courses are offered through beadisciple.com. Courses required for Certificate completion are listed in bold.

Basic Courses ($59 each)

Administration September 4-10, 2019
Sacraments October 9-15, 2019
Pastoral Care January 15-21 2020
Wesleyan Theology February 5-11, 2020
Time Management April 29-May 5, 2020
UM History & Doctrine June 10-16, 2020

Capstone Course ($198)

The Non-Anxious Leader:
Family Systems Basics                          July 1-28, 2019

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*While this program is designed for Part-Time Local Pastors and Certified Lay Ministers who have completed the CLM process and are assigned to a ministry setting, any person, lay or clergy, may participate in any or all of its components and receive a Certificate of Congregational Leadership by completing the requirements.

The CCL Program is open to all. Those that do not wish to pursue a Certificate in Congregational Leadership may disregard the course requirements.

The CCL cycle of online courses will be offered at about the same time each year. Therefore, one can complete the Certificate requirements over the course of two years or more, depending on schedule and budget.