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Posted by Ron Stafford ● Fri, Oct 31, 2014 @ 10:10 AM

We Serve People Who Serve People

Pecometh Blog | We Serve People Who Serve PeopleSince 1946, Pecometh Camp & Retreat Ministries has been serving the local community and beyond by being a refuge of peace and play in a sacred setting. With rustic cabins, dorm-style retreat houses, and the modern Riverview Retreat Center, we serve as both a camp and retreat facility year-round. As we like to say, “we serve people who serve people.”

Thanks to our camp programs, thousands of children of all ages have grown, both physically and spiritually, over the last seven decades. But, this growth is not limited to our campers.

Pecometh is also a place where local organizations host their own programming. These camps, retreats and meetings are as much a part of the fabric of our ministry as our camps and retreats.

Those We Have Served

Most people know we host church retreats at Pecometh from many denominations.  

We have also served a wide variety of groups including:

  • The Departments of Social Services for Kent, Queen Anne’s and Talbot Counties
  • Salisbury and Johns Hopkins Universities
  • Many public and private schools
  • The U.S. Army
  • The Kennedy Krieger Institute 
  • The Maryland State Environthon.

When groups contact us to have their retreat at Pecometh, we offer to provide Outdoor Programs for them to enhance their experience.

Pecometh Blog | We Serve People Who Serve PeopleHayrides, campfires, canoeing/kayaking, archery, swimming and hiking are all ways to connect to the great outdoors and reinforce the goals of the retreat.

Many retreat groups also take advantage of our outstanding challenge course program. This takes the mission-focused organization a step further through team-building, trust, cooperation and problem-solving.

Camp New Dawn, a bereavement camp for children and teens with the Hospice of Queen Anne’s County, has been coming to Pecometh for seven years.

One young girl told us her story of what she did while she was with us:

“I had a really great time at Camp New Dawn. I was kinda scared at first, but I found out that there are so many fun things to do while you’re here at camp.

I loved the splashdown and the pool, and there was a cool talent show. I made six or seven different art projects during the arts and crafts time. I also got to ride on horses, and when we all said goodbye, I gave (and got) a real good “squeeze tight” hug.

Pecometh Blog | We Serve People Who Serve PeopleIt’s not all fun and games…we learned how to deal with our feelings after we lose somebody. I talked a lot more about my feelings this year than I did last year. I also found out that there are a lot of kids here going through the same things that I am going through.

I’m not alone and there are no “wrong feelings”…it’s OK to say how you feel.

I’ve made some real good friends here, and I learned how to deal with what happened. It was awesome the whole time! I’ll definitely be coming back next year.”

We have been privileged to hold exciting fundraisers for various organizations, including the Bay Area Young Life Splatter Run, the Chesterfield Cemetery 5K, and the CONNOR’Smiles 5k/10k.

It’s been a pleasure partnering with these organizations in bringing in donations and helping them in what they do best.

Pecometh Blog | We Serve People Who Serve People

The Riverview Retreat Center

The Riverview Retreat Center (RRC) is the Eastern Shore’s newest small conference center, and over the past three years, it has truly become an opportunity for us to serve in new and fresh ways.

We are very thankful that we can help other organizations achieve their mission.

Located near the banks of the Chester River, the RRC combines the comfort and functionality of a conference center with the tranquility of a private sanctuary.

It serves guest groups year-round, both weekdays and weekends.

Pecometh Blog | We Serve People Who Serve PeopleThe RRC has 24 hotel rooms, 2400 square feet of a/v equipped meeting space and wireless internet throughout.

View More RRC Photos


All rooms are non-smoking, come with individual climate control, and those all-important alarm clocks and hair dryers come in every room, as well. That way, you can get to your meeting on time and looking your best.

Meals are prepared with care and unique attention by Culinary Institute of America trained Chef Chris Shultz, and his team of professionals. They provide tasty and nutritious cuisine and are able to accommodate just about any dietary need

For more information, get in touch with Richelle Darrell, Director of Programs (410-556-6900 ext 100). You can also download our Retreat Info Packet

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