How to Write and Publish Your First Book

An Authors' Retreat

Next Session to be determined
Riverview Retreat Center At Pecometh

Cost: $249 (double occupancy), $389 (single occupancy) ; includes program fees, two nights lodging and six meals.
$179 (commuter), includes program fees and six meals

There's never been a better time to be an author.

Over 75% of American adults still read at least one book each year. The ways to get published continue to increase.

Published authors, Robyn Brown and Jack Shitama, will lead you through the writing and publishing process so you can get your book onto the page and into the world.

The retreat will cover:

  • The writing process. How to get your book out of your head (and heart) and into a manuscript.
  • How to get published. You'll learn the traditional and indie publishing processes to help you determine the best way to get your book into print.
  • How to market your book. Unless you are J.K Rowling or James Patterson, you're going to need to market your book.

The retreat includes time for planning and writing so that when you leave, you will be well on your way to getting your first book published.

Retreat Schedule (subject to change)

Tuesday, July 16

2:00pm          Overview

                      What to Expect

Choosing your Genre

Planning Your Project

The Writing Process

3:45pm          Break

4:00pm          Traditional Publishing

Indie Publishing

Recap: Writing/Publishing Dos & Don’ts

5:15pm          Break

5:30pm          Dinner

7:00pm          Planning/Writing Time

8:30pm          Evening Devotions

Wednesday, July 17

9:00am          Morning Devotions

9:15am          Project Sharing-What are you working on?

10:30am        Planning/Writing Time

12:00n           Lunch

2:00pm          Book Launch

Book Marketing-Planning Your First Year

3:30pm          Writing/Planning Time

5:30pm          Dinner

7:00pm          Author Tools

8:00pm          Evening Devotions

Thursday, July 18

9:00am          Morning Devotions

9:15am          Check in-Where are you now?

10:15am        Break

10:30am        Setting a goal and developing writing as a habit

12:00n           Lunch & Departures