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Important Dates

Most contracts will be mid-June to early August. Some positions require certifications or trainings that occur in late May. Some positions may be available through mid-to-late August.


Living on camp

Each week, you will be assigned to a different cabin with at least one other staff member and 6-10 campers. Most cabins are rustic: there are lights & fans, but no AC! Cabins are in groups called "hills." Cabins are single gender, and hills may be all gender. 

Camp Map


Pay Details

Most positions start at $260/week, plus room & board. Bonuses and pay bumps are available for specialized positions and experienced staff.

Staff Payscale


What do we do at camp? Here's a quick sneak-peek at some of our activities!

Camp Pecometh 2019 Video



Work Hours

Report Sunday at 10:25 am and "clock out" after closing meeting on Friday (typically by 5 pm). Some weekends are required, and that varies by position. Daily hours are typically 7:30 am to 10 pm.

Sample Schedule


ALL the info

Want ALL the details, from free time to time off, uniforms and dress code to nitty-gritty policy? Here's our FAQ in long form.

Detailed FAQ