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Pecometh Details

This two-year program is based on the successful program implemented at Perkins School of Theology, the North Central New York Conference and the Greater New Jersey Conference. It is limited to 15 participants.

The cost for the program is $5,980 which includes all textbooks, program materials*, as well as room and board for all four sessions.

A deposit of $500 is reqested at the time of regstration. to hold your place in the program. The balance of $995 for the first session is due June 30, 2019. The $1,495 cost for each of the remaining sessions is due 30 days prior to arrival. Please contact Jack Shitama if you need to make other arrangements for payment.

Program Syllabus

Session 1: Becoming a Non-Anxious Leader
September 30-October 3, 2019

The key to effective leadership is the ability to be a non-anxious presence. Learn how to do this in your family of origin, as well as your congregational family system. This is THE leadership concept that will help you manage your own anxiety and the anxiety of those you lead.

This session will be led by Rev. Bill Selby, founder of the Center for Pastoral Effectiveness for the Rockies.

Session 2: Focus Your Ministry
April 20-23, 2020

Tom Bandy takes you through the process of developing strategic priorities using demographic data from MissionInsite. Tom will provide group coaching for the six months prior to this session to maximize the effectiveness of the time spent in person.

 The Rev. Dr. Thomas Bandy is an internationally recognized author, consultant and leadership coach.

Session 3: Grow Your Ministry
September 28-October 1, 2020

Rev. Jasmine Smothers, Lead Pastor of historic Atlanta First United Methodist Church, will guide you to in the steps needed to take your ministry to the next level. She will use her expertise in congregational vitality and generational studies to help you identify how you can grow your ministry to reach new people in new ways.

Rev. Jasmine Smothers served as the Associate Director for Congregational Vitality for the North Georgia Conference-UMC. She co-authored Not Safe for the Church: The Ten Commandments for Reaching New Generations, with Lewis Center for Leadership Director, Dr. F. Douglas Powe, Jr.

Session 4: Improving Your Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Financial Health
April 19-22, 2021

Effective ministry is useless if it’s not sustainable. A “methodical” approach using proven principles is essential. This session will help you to assess where you are and how you can level up in all areas of your life.

Regina Nichols, a Division Leader with Primerica, will help you assess your current situation and plan for your financial future. Jack Shitama, author of One New Habit, One Big Goal: Change Your Life in 10 Weeks, will teach you a proven system to develop positive habits in your spiritual, emotional and physical life.

Participants Comments

Each session helped me to feel more equipped for effective pastoral ministry.

- Rev. Amy Yarnall

I gained tremendous insight into my strengths and weaknesses as a pastor and to move from being a good pastor to a great pastor.

-Rev. Tina Blake

This program opened my eyes to seeing all the people in my community from a different perspective. I would recommend it to new and seasoned clergy persons. You will leave the program with new tools in your tool box of life. Great program, great experience.

-Rev. Jerome Tilghman

(The Program) provides tools to deal with vision, mission, self-care, connecting with your community, and then putting it all together to create a plan. I would recommend this program to any pastor who wants to see their church healthy and thriving.

-Rev. Tom Pasmore


Program Leadership

Rev. Jack Shitama

Rev. Megan Shitama Weston
Program Coordinator