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Posted by Jack Shitama ● Thu, Jan 22, 2015 @ 09:01 AM

The Riverview Retreat Center Rate Increase Explained

RRC_PanEffective February 14, 2015, most Riverview Retreat Center (RRC) rates will increase. The costs of food, staffing and utilities have all increased and we need to make sure we keep pace. It’s a fact of life. However, there is good news, too.

I said MOST rates will increase, but not all. Why?

It turns out that December, January and July are slower months for us at the RRC.

We decided not to increase rates for those months, so that those groups for whom cost is really an issue at least have an opportunity to hold a retreat at the RRC.

It’s a supply and demand thing. Good stewardship of this ministry requires that groups coming during our busier periods pay full price.

Those who can come when it’s less busy can get a discount.

Here's a sample of our peak/off peak rates. (Off-peak rates are available in December, January and July). 

1 night & 3 meals (single occ.) ... $204 pp peak / $187 pp off-peak

1 night & 3 meals (double occ.) ... $125 pp peak / $114 pp off-peak

2 nights & 5 meals (single occ.) ... $357 pp peak / $328 pp off-peak

2 nights & 5 meals (double occ.) ... $219 pp peak / $201 pp off-peak

And, we still believe that an RRC retreat provides tremendous value. Your complete meeting package (CMP) price per person includes:

  • Hotel-quality accommodations without the busy atmosphere.

  • Meeting space for your group, including audio/visual equipment, easel pads and copies. Other venues often charge for these as extras and costs can add hundreds or even thousands of additional dollars.

  • Restaurant quality food without having to leave the site. Chef Chris Shultz was trained at the Culinary Institute of America and it shows. If you booked a hotel and went out to eat for this level of quality it would cost a lot more. Plus, you would be wasting valuable time that could be spent doing your program. Some hotels can offer banquet services so you can eat on-site. But check out the prices and you’ll realize what a value our CMP provides.

  • Coffee, Tea, Iced Tea and water throughout your stay. Many venues provide this, but some charge extra.

  • Many don’t know that we will handle event registration. This includes setting up an online registration page, collecting money and remitting any surplus to you to pay program expenses.

  • Peace and Play. The RRC setting at Pecometh is priceless.

Our staff works to provide you a distraction-free environment for your retreat. I believe you’ll find that even with a price increase, the RRC is a great value.

Last chance to book at the old rates!

You still have a chance to lock in your 2015 retreat at the 2014 rates

If you make your reservation by February 13, we'll give you the 2014 rates. 

To get started, click the button below to check availability and request the old rates. 

Request 2014 Rates

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