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Posted by Rev. Sally Dolch ● Thu, Jan 08, 2015 @ 11:01 AM

Shhh!! Silence & Solitude at Pecometh

Silence and solitude in community at PecomethImagine time away from home, work, and obligations to: savor God’s natural world, succumb to the restfulness of quiet; still the noise and busy-ness within; and seek connection with your body, mind, heart, and spirit!

Invited Into Silence

My first silent retreat in February 2014 included all of the above! I arrived worn out!

But, four days of retreat provided me time to “be still” long enough to feel reconnection with myself and with God!

The most unique aspect of a Silent Retreat is - well, the silence!

Attendees covenant to be silent and respect the space that all present have carved out for themselves.

Lodging is in private rooms at the Riverview Retreat Center for one to five days - it is your choice.

The Rhythm of Each Day

Meals, served buffet style in the Riverview Retreat Center refectory, are consumed in silence and set the rhythm for each day, as they are offered at regular intervals.

Daily mid-day devotions are “spoken” by onsite Spiritual Directors.

Communion is served.

We were taught to “pass the peace” in silence with a nod and a smile for each one in attendance.

Mid-Day Communion

Days Filled with Quiet Peace & Play

The views all around the Pecometh campus are spectacular; so God-filled!! I enjoyed several two mile walks around the camp property on those brisk, but sunny, days and snapped photos of ice puddles, the Chester River shoreline, and buzzards on a cabin roof. 

Puzzles and collage materials were available which helped settle my mind.

There was a room for reflection that included icons and a finger labyrinth.

And, the sitting rooms in the lodges were graced with many books by spiritual writers.

I prayed much, read a little, and claimed precious time to type many poems I had handwritten over the past four and a half years. I recaptured a little bit of myself with each verse.

I also took advantage of both the on-site massage therapist available for a small cost and  one hour of spiritual direction offered each day as part of the registration fee.

Daily Spiritual Direction

The Power of Quiet in Community

This time helped me process the insights and reflections that came to me in the quiet. While experienced in community, my silent retreat was powerful, prayerful, and peaceful!

The silence provided the solitude I needed to rest, reflect and reconnect with my soul!

Rev. Sally Dolch is an ordained United Methodist pastor in the Peninsula-Delaware Conference. 

Our next silent retreat is February 19 - 24, 2017. 

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