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Posted by Jack Shitama ● Thu, Oct 15, 2015 @ 11:10 AM

Pecometh Launches the Center for Clergy Excellence

The Riverview Retreat Center is a beautiful facility. But, it’s just a facility. What matters is what happens there. In 2015, we established the Center for Clergy Excellence (CCE) at Pecometh with the mission to develop principled Christian leaders for the church and the world.

The CCE’s first year saw the establishment of two new programs, along with the continuation of two existing clergy development programs.

Residency-in-Ministry (RIM) Program

Pecometh is partnering with the Peninsula-Delaware Conference Board of Ordained Ministry to facilitate the residency program for provisional clergy, both elders and deacons. The RIM program is an intensive two-year program comprised of six retreats that focus on spiritual formation, leadership skills, self-care, Wesleyan discipleship and evangelism, stewardship and administration. It is designed to develop participants as effective ministry leaders who are equipped to serve in a variety of settings. The first cohort started in August 2015 with nine participants.

Certificate in Congregational Leadership (CCL) Program

Developed at the request of the Peninsula-Delaware Conference Cabinet (Bishop and District Superintendents), the CCL Program is designed for Part-Time Local Pastors and Certified Lay Ministers. CCL provides practical, hands-on training in leadership skills, administration, pastoral care, the sacraments, time management and United Methodist History and Doctrine. The program is specifically designed for persons who are bi-vocational and consists of one weekend retreat and four online courses. The program began with 16 participants at the August 2015 retreat.

In addition to the two new programs, two existing programs continued in 2015.

  • A Voice of the Heart is a two-part program focused on spiritual renewal. The number one reason for clergy burnout is the lack of a spiritual life. This program renews that life and, in turn, renews one’s sense of calling. The program has served 23 clergy, thus far.
  • Leading Congregations is a comprehensive 18-month program comprised of four different four-day retreats, all designed to take participants from good to great. The first cohort, which started in the fall of 2014, has nine participants. A new cohort will begin in the fall of 2016.

Is it making a difference? We think so. Here’s what some of the participants have said:

I believe God met me everywhere this weekend. From the worship, to the facilitation, to the materials. The insights I have received and experienced will help me to share God’s word with the people I serve - Making disciples that make disciples.

I am drawn to God by association with the caliber of Christians that were here. I look forward to future events similar to this one and have a larger understanding of the need for spiritual mentors and friends.

Wonderful, productive, well-planned and executed program. I look forward to the next retreat. Thank you for your time, gifts & service!

In total, Pecometh will have served nearly 60 participants in 2015 with at least 15 contact hours of leadership development. Many will receive nearly 80 contact hours. That kind of investment results in principled Christian leaders for the church and the world.

Go to the Center for Clergy Excellence page, to read more and learn about two new programs we are launching next year.

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