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Posted by Megan Shitama Weston ● Wed, Feb 19, 2014 @ 15:02 PM

Pastor Asher's Best Week Ever!

Pastor asherOur SLCs (Spiritual Life Coordinators) volunteer to lead Bible studies and worship during for a week at Camp Pecometh. Rev. Asher Tunik was a somewhat reluctant volunteer, but it ended up being the best week ever!

When I was approached by one of my parishioners with the suggestion that I volunteer as a Spiritual Life Coordinator at Camp Pecometh in the summer of 2012, I was not thrilled at the prospect of spending a whole week away from the office and from my family.

I prayed about it, hoping they would tell me that there were plenty of volunteers and that my help was not needed.  

That did not work, and in hindsight I am glad it did not.

Although I was reluctant in the beginning, it was a blessing and a privilege to be a part of the ministry of Camp Pecometh. I spent two weeks working with campers teaching the parables of Jesus.

I also spent some time with the camp counselors and staff, helping them to deal with issues in their own lives.

As a Spiritual Life Coordinator I was responsible for leading a Bible study for different groups of kids (ages ranging from 9 to 16).

I found them to be curious, open minded, eager to learn and actively searching for God in their lives. They asked tough questions of faith and they were not afraid to struggle with these questions.

During the Galilean service on Thursday, July 26, 2012 many of them shared their testimonies and stories of how they saw God’s presence in their lives and around them during their Camp Pecometh stay.  

Working with the campers and helping them to find answers to the questions of their faith, I saw God at work in God’s creation.

I also spent some time working with camp counselors and staff. I found them to be a dedicated group of young men and women with a clear understanding of God’s call on their lives and their missional response to it.

They want to be at camp helping and working with kids, and in order to do so they put up with heat, long hours, bugs and other inconveniences. 

They like what they do, they want to be there, knowing that they make a difference.

Camp Pecometh is a wonderful ministry that makes a real difference in the lives of the young men and women who stay there.

The experience of God, the memories that they build, the knowledge that they acquire and the team building skills that they learn while there will serve them well for years to come. 

What is more important, the effects of the ministry of Camp Pecometh will bear fruit not only in the lives of the campers, but also in the lives of everyone with whom they come in contact and in the lives of future generations of Christians.

On a personal note I want to add that I left the camp re-energized and encouraged.  I saw God at work in the lives of these youth and staff, and it was a blessing to be a part of this ministry.

Are you a pastor or lay person who loves to work with kids? Contact Megan Gibb about volunteering this summer as an SLC! Here's some more info about what SLCs do:

  • Spend a week at Camp - but sleep in the RRC!
  • Curriculum is provided by Pecometh
  • Introduce the weekly Bible study theme at Sunday night Campfire
  • Facilitate several 30 minute Bible studies each day (Monday-Thursday) with campers
  • Lead worship times - Vespers on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings; a Galilean Service on Thursday night; co-lead Friday morning closing worship with communion (we'll give you more info on all of these)
  • Provide spiritual guidance and support to campers and staff
  • Experience a week at camp and see the life-changing moments firsthand!
  • Receive one campership for a child of your choice
  • Dates are available from late-June through mid-August
Rev. Asher Tunik is the pastor at Christ United Methodist Church in Chestertown, MD. You can read more of his thoughts on his blog, Zis-N-Zat From Pastor Asher

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