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Posted by Erin Browne ● Tue, Jun 04, 2013 @ 15:06 PM

Why My Daughter & I Loved Family Camp

Family Camp

Pecometh.  We all have things that we remember about coming here as campers, or working here as staffers.  The songs in the dining hall, canoeing on the river, and of course Gallilean Service.   Family camp offered three days of jam packed fun to relive all of these things.

I spent three of the greatest summers of my life working at Pecometh.   Now that I have a daughter, I’ve been waiting for the chance for her to experience the joy that I always felt.  Family camp was the perfect experience for that.  

The best part of Family Camp for me, was to stand alongside my daughter and watch her experience the wonders and joys.  It was a weekend of fun that she has yet to forget, and has asked me constantly about when she can go back again.  

We are already planning to come back to Family Camp this summer, and now that she is old enough, she is going to do a week of day camp.  As often as she walks around the house singing camp songs now, I can only imagine what the future will hold.  (Who doesn’t enjoy Pharaoh Pharaoh being sung over and over while stuck in traffic??)

In a world where smart phones, tablets, and the internet seem to be integrated into daily life, it was truly a breath of fresh air to unplug for the weekend (helped along a bit by the huge storm overnight which knocked out power for an entire day!).   

We spent the day canoeing, kayaking, wading in the river, doing arts and crafts, and playing ping pong in Rec Hall.  Not once did she ask me when she could watch tv, or to play Angry Birds on my phone.   She quickly became friends with the other children, and they all had a blast.   Kids being kids, enjoying the simple things in life and experiencing God’s beauty in nature.

As a parent, Family Camp was also a great experience.  The three day time frame was just enough time to get to relive and remember all the reasons that we love camp so much.  

It reminded me that even with our hectic everyday lives of school, sports, and other meetings, we need to take time to stop and enjoy the simple things in life, and to spend time unplugged as a family.  

What better way to do this then a weekend at Pecometh?  

Along with enjoying  the beauty of nature, you get meals in the dining hall, a campfire,  camp songs, and Canteen time. 

I encourage everyone who has even the slightest thought of attending Family Camp to do so. Young, old, or in between, there is something to do for everyone, and it is an experience not to be missed.  It is a great chance to stop, recharge, and refocus on what life is all about.

 Pecometh Family Programs

Want to experience Pecometh with the whole family? We've got two great family programs this summer:

Single Parent Family Retreat July 14 - 16, 2017

Pecometh is offering an opportunity for single parents and their kids to get away and spend some time together - and apart - at camp! 

Friends & Family Camp  July 28 - 30, 2017

 Experience all the fun and joy that kids at Camp Pecometh do! Gather friends and family and join us for a weekend of Splashdown, s’mores, kayaking, campfires, music, and all the beauty and joy of Pecometh!

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