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Posted by Megan Sweeney ● Tue, Dec 11, 2012 @ 15:12 PM

New Fellowship Hall Bathrooms!

IMG 2526 resized 600The year was 2005. The summer was hot. And a storm was raging—literally and figuratively. Confined to Fellowship Hall during what was probably the first thunderstorm EAP (Emergency Action Plan) of the summer, campers and staffers were getting restless. Music Time was great, and the campers were dancing—but not just because “Pharaoh, Pharaoh” is so groovy.

They needed to use the bathroom, and crossing Rec Field to get to the (at the time) Boys’ or Girls’ Hill washhouses was not an option while thunder was rumbling across the river. First-year counselor that I was, I got into a heated debate with my supervisor: what do you do when there’s an emergency of that kind during the EAP?

Flash forward to the summer of 2012, when the solution to that problem was finally found. At the beginning of the summer, volunteers (including former Director Tom Carter) cleared out the old sail locker on the right side of Fellowship Hall’s porch, framed up a wall, and created two single-stall bathrooms complete with fancy hand dryers. The project was funded by the CPSAA as part of their adoption of Fellowship Hall, and the total cost was approximately $10,000, and we still need to raise about $4,000 more. 

Thanks to the wonderful support by the CPSAA in partnership with Pecometh, EAPs no longer mean dangerous dashes to Marsh or Chapel Hill to use the washhouses. Now 7 years later, as the supervisor myself, I am glad to know that the days of dicey negotiations—“On a scale from 1-10, exactly HOW badly do you need to go?”—are finally flushed.

To support this and other improvements to the Fellowship Hall, please contribute to this year’s CPSAA Annual Appeal - even $5 a month is a big help! Click the hand below to donate.  

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