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Posted by Megan Shitama Weston ● Fri, Nov 30, 2012 @ 16:11 PM

Camp Memories - Developing Leaders

Bishop and CampersThis summer we started a new camp program - Directors' Leadership Camp.  Teenage campers are nominated by their churches to join in a week of camp fun and leadership development.  This is part of our effort to help develop principled Christian leaders for the transformation of the world (as outlined in the UMC's Four Areas of Focus).  The churches agree to contine to support the campers' leadership development by putting them in a leadership position in the local church. Bishop Peggy Johnson even stopped by to chat with the young leaders, asking them what they had learned and what kinds of ministry they were interested in.  Here's what one of our DLW campers had to say about his experience: 

"When I was given the opportunity to attend the Christian Leadership Program I jumped in to the chance to be a leader and reconnect with my relationship to Christ... I not only made a close knit group of friends at camp, but the interactive and diverse styles of activities kept me wanting to never leave camp on the last day.  Leadership camp was a great experience and I feel like it gave me more of a direction on how I can contribute as a Christian."  - Conner Dorbin, Director's Leadership Program Camper.  

That's one of the memories we heard about this year - we'd like to hear yours!  

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