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Posted by Jack Shitama ● Sat, Aug 01, 2020 @ 09:08 AM

3 ways for your church to support Pecometh Month (and how individuals can help too)


In the Peninsula-Delaware Conference, August is designated as the month when local churches are invited to take a special offering to support our ministries. This year, your support is more important than ever, as we steward Pecometh's ministries through this difficult time. 

The pandemic has resulted in a loss of over $750,000 in income, thus far. Yet, God is providing for Pecometh through grants and donations. We ask that your church join in to continue this process. We’ve set a goal of raising $500,000 and have already reached $200,000.

To make it easier for churches who want to participate, we're offering a new virtual Pecometh Sunday video that your church can share on your own worship platform on any Sunday in August (or beyond).

Church leaders can sign up to get the videos and other resources: 

Support Pecometh

Our worship gatherings look different from "normal" right now - and every church is finding their own solutions for how to gather safely. Here are some suggestions for how to adapt Pecometh Sunday resources to your worship context. 

1. Stream or post the full virtual service. 

We'll provide a video download of the worship service as well as a YouTube link. If your congregation is worshipping online, you can use these to post the service on whatever platform you typically use for worship. We'll also Premier the video on our Facebook Page on August 30, if you would like to direct your congregants to view it there. 

2. Use the 4 minute testimony video in your regular worship service.

We are also putting together a 4 minute testimony video that can be used as a "mission moment" during your worship service. This works best if you are doing in-person worship with projection, or online worship where you can incorporate the video. 

3. Collect a digital offering.

If you'd prefer not to incorporate the video into worship, or using the videos won't work with your worship arrangements, consider posting the testimony video on your social media accounts and via email, along with a link to our Pecometh Month Giving Page. (Actually, you can do this one along with options 1 or 2 if you want!)

Bonus Suggestion: Crowdfunding Pages

Our Pecometh Month Giving Page has a crowdfunding option. If you'd like to set your own goal for your congregation, you can go to the Giving Page, and click "Create my own fundraising page." This allows you to show your congregation how much they have given together to support Pecometh. 

Of course, you are welcome to collect and send in contributions however you want:  mail them in, make one donation online, or a combination of both. 

How Individuals Can Help: 

If your church is not holding a Pecometh Month Service or Offering you can support us by:

  • Sharing our Pecometh Month social media posts
  • Making an online donation, mailing a donation, or creating your own fundraising page
  • Host a watch party when we premiere the worship video at the end of the month 

We're Grateful for Supporters Like You! 

We’re in this together.
We’re here for you now and in the future.
Thanks for your prayers and support.

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