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Posted by Megan Sweeney ● Sat, Dec 08, 2018 @ 07:12 AM

2019 Camp Pecometh Schedule: New Programs and Extra Sessions

2019 New Programs

Each year, we try to identify fun programs that fit into Camp Pecometh's summer traditions while creating new opportunities for our campers looking for something different. We always incorporate the excitement of campfires and music time, the spiritual aspects of Bible study and Galilean, and time-honored activities like swimming, canoeing, and arts & crafts, but we weave in new challenges and opportunities for growth.

This year we have 2 new camp programs, along with an additional session of a program that was overflowing last summer!

Co-ed, 4th - 6th grade completed*

Day Camp Horseback will provide the experience of our much-loved Horseback program in a day camp format. Campers will travel daily to Worthmore Equestrian Center, where professional instructors give riding lessons and teach campers how to properly care for the horses. In the afternoons, campers will experience a mix of traditional camp activities like swimming and canoeing. Just like with our other day camp programs, these campers are invited to a sleepover on Thursday night! And - in case our thrifty parents are wondering - this program may be combined with other day camps to receive the 10% discount for enrolling six weeks or more.

Co-ed, 4th - 5th grade completed*

Hit the trails with this all-new program for Elementary students! This program is perfect our younger campers itching for adventure. They'll spend their time learning about outdoor survival, honing archery skills, and taking nature hikes on and off site. Trail Makers will get to experience Pecometh's 300-ft zip line, and close out their days falling asleep under the stars in our hammock villages.


Co-ed, K - 2nd grade completed*

Last year's session was so full, we had to add extra cabins. So this year, we've added a limited enrollment 4-day session of Mini Camp for K-2nd graders in June! Just like the July session, campers will be in cabin groups with 2 counselors to provide close supervision and support for our youngest overnight campers.


Regardless of the program each camper chooses this summer, they can be guaranteed a safe, God-inspired experience. Summer camp is the perfect place to build new friendships and create life-long memories. If you're looking for the perfect program for your camper, please consider one of these exciting new programs! Contact Camp Programs Coordinator, Megan Sweeney, or our Registrar, Julie Lutz, to help you find the best program for your child or youth.

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*Program grade requirements are based on the grade completed as of June 2019.

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