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Let's Celebrate Together! 

Join us on Saturday, June 26, to celebrate 75 years of God-inspired, life-changing experiences! The celebration starts at 6pm and includes dinner, a celebration of our history, and a Galilean Service. The cost is $25, and registration by June 22 is required. Registration is not required if you want to attend the celebration without dinner.

The celebration will take place during Friends & Family Camp Weekend. Come for a whole weekend of camp fun, all day Saturday, or just Saturday evening.

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The 75th Anniversary Celebration is listed under "Family Programs 2021" in our registration system.


75 for the 75th

For 75 years we have received blessing after blessing from God at Pecometh, and for 75 years many have used those gifts to bless others. For this reason this land is called “Holy Ground.”  At Pecometh we are served, and we commit to serving others. It all begins with Camp Pecometh, the heart of our ministry. Our hearts are warmed every time a camper’s life is changed by learning to share, to give, or even entering a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are also blessed every time a church leader has that “Ahah!” moment in one of our continuing education programs. And, every time an adult’s faith relationship is strengthened and deepened in our spiritual growth programs, our mission is being fulfilled.

Just think of it! 75 years of camp for our children, and a lifetime of growth in faith and life through a continuing relationship with Jesus Christ through Pecometh.  That’s what we are about.

In honor of our 75 years, let us send children to camp.  Let’s give to the "75 for 75th" anniversary appeal: $7.50, $75.00, $750,00, $7,500, or even $75,000.  No gift is too small and no gift is too big. Grateful for what God has given us, we will use every gift to ensure that all children who want can experience a week of Camp Pecometh. We thank you for your generosity.


Submit Photos & Volunteer

Do you have great photos that you would like to share with our planning team? Or want to offer to help with the celebration? 

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Friends & Family Camp Rates

Program Fees (Per Person)  
Full Weekend - Age 12+ $109
Full Weekend - Age 6 - 11 $95
Full Weekend - Age 5 and under Free
Saturday Full Day - Age 12+ $59
Saturday Full Day* - Age 6 - 11 $29
Saturday Full Day* - Age 5 & Under Free
Saturday Evening - Age 12+ $25
Saturday Evening - Age 6 - 11 $15
Saturday Evening - Age 5 & Under Free
Lodging Fees  
Hotel-Style Room (1 Room/ 4 Adults) $279
Rustic Cabin (1 Cabin/Sleeps 12) $99
RV Camp Site (1 RV per site) $49
Tent Camping (flat rate per family) $49

Each family will pay a program fee for each person, and then pay a fee based on housing options.