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6 Things to Do While Your Kids are at Camp

Posted by Richelle Darrell on Tue, May 20, 2014 @ 12:05 PM

Pecometh Blog | 6 Things to Do While Your Kids are at CampNow don’t get me wrong, I love my darling children.  But when both of my kids are at camp at the same time, the “Halleluiah” song goes off in my mind!

As parents, our lives revolve around our children. During the spring, fall and winter, we are running our kids to baseball practice, soccer practice, swim lessons, girl scouts, group projects at school, Sunday school outings, etc.  

So, when summer comes and they go to camp, we may have a bit of separation anxiety, but only for a day or so. Then realize we have a full 5 days worth of time that needs to be filled.   

So what are we parents supposed to do with all that free time?!

As a seasoned camper parent, let me give you some ideas:

1. Me Time. You know the kids are safe and sound at camp, so enjoy your “me” time.  Come home from work and grab some dinner, grab a book, and just relax.  No kids calling “MOM” or “DAD”… just you!

2. Have a date night.  This is the perfect time to meet for dinner and go to a movie, and still be home by 9:30pm!  And, you don’t have to pay a babysitter!  Woo Hoo!

Pecometh Blog | 6 Things to Do While Your Kids are at Camp3. Catch up on work. Without feeling like you are missing out on family time, stay at work an extra hour or so and catch up on some work.  Believe me, once everyone else goes home and the phones stop ringing, the amount of work you can get done in that extra hour is tremendous.    Once finished, you just feel a bit better knowing you can cross one more thing off your list.

4. Take a trip. Some parents drop off their children at camp and continue on to the beach or the airport for an adult vacation.  If this is in your future, we only ask that there are people on your emergency contact list who will be able to step up in an emergency, if needed.

5. Enjoy grown-up food. If you feel so inclined, eat out every night!  Try that new restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try, but you can’t with the kids because they don’t serve chicken nuggets, hamburgers, or pizza!  Just know that the kids will be eating well at camp and there is no need to feel bad!

Pecometh Blog | 6 Things to Do While Your Kids are at Camp6. Ladies/Guys night out. Catch up with some old friends that you just haven’t had time for… mostly because you’ve been running to and fro with your kids!  Take the time!

When my kids are at camp, we all get a bit of a respite for 6 days. 

I am so ready to pick them up on Friday that I can’t get here quick enough! They are ready to see me, but are in no way ready to come home.

When I hear “Mom, do we have to go home now?" I know I’ve done my job helping them to become more independent, and Pecometh has done their job helping them to have a great week at camp!

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Richelle Darrell is our Director of Programs, and a camp mom. On a day to day basis she handles reservations and guest services for our retreat groups. If you have questions about registering for camp, you can email our Camp Registrar, Julie LutzCamp Pecometh Brochure

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